Pedigree Meat Jerky Smoky Beef Flavor

Rp 22,000


Product Description

Snack yang terbuat dari daging nyata dengan rasa daging sapi asap. Cocok untuk anjing semua umur.

Guaranteed Analysis :
Protein (min) …. 24.0%
Fat (min) …. 1.0%
Fiber (max) … 10.0%
Moisture (max) … 20.0%

Panduan :
Anjing kecil …….. 1 pcs per-hari
Anjing Medium …. 2 pcs per-hari
Anjing besar …… 4 pcs per-hari

Ingredients :
Wheat Gluten, Chicken, Poultry and poultry by product, Glycerine, Chicken liver meal, Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Gelatin, Mineral, Propyleneglycol, lodised salt, soy oil, citric acid, flavour, food coloring and preservative.

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